Is it possible to know your Snapchat views?

News 08:01 January 2020:

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Snapchat is just like any social platform such as Facebook or Twitter except for the fact that for Snapchat, it is not easy to know the number of people following you or even responding to your stories. What basically happens is that you are given a certain score which is usually determined by how active your account is that is the number of messages you both send and receive. Besides that, it is almost impossible to see who your friends are or even your Snapchat views. There have been attempts to create ways in which users can easily track the activities in their accounts but nothing much has been done.

The other thing as a Snapchat user it is not very easy to find followers. This is because it does not have features that facilitate that action as it is in other social networks. If you are not a celebrity or a well known person in the society it will take you quiet some time before you build your profile on Snapchat and have quit a good number of Snapchat views. Most people choose to buy Snapchat followers in order to build their profile especially those who use Snapchat for things such as marketing